Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beta Comment Notifications - Freshblog

Beta Comment Notifications - Freshblog

In attempting to weigh all the Pros and Cons of different "Recent Comments" methods, I ended up making my own. This article at Freshblog is important for anyone considering doing this type of code, because it points out the changes taking place in Blogger's new Beta. I'm already beginning to incorporate these changes into the Blogger Recent Comments tool I made, so that it will work even better on the new Beta.


John said...

As you upgrade, check out Blogger Beta. Blogger now offers comment feeds, either per-post or whole blog, as well as a sidebar feed display widget, so there is now an off-the-peg recent comments feature. Check out the new site feed settings and the feed section of the new layout guide.

Jeff Day said...

My plan is to 1-up Blogger by doing something so incredibly slick with these recent comments that theirs will not compete. :) I haven't been able to get their Beta to actually work "live" yet. But once I do, I will compare the feature sets and see what I can add.

John said...

E-mail me when you get this off the ground & I'll be glad to advertise! Sounds promising.

Jeff Day said...


My recent comments add-on now fully supports Blogger's new Beta with the same functionality as the previous version, and one bonus: We now pick up Post Titles instead of just the hyphenated "nice" names from the URL.

beijokense said...

Hi Jeff,
I'm using your add-on, it looks nice, but it has a drawback - if the name of the poster has non-standard characters, it looks really ugly :)

title=?UTF8?B?Y2jDqQ==?=: fotos-antigas-de-beijs-e-suas-gentes_22title

If you could fix it... that would be great :)

Jeff Day said...


I'm working on it now. I think we have full unicode throughout the rest of the system, just not the poster's names... I even have some users operating it in chinese and it looks great for them! :) I'll let you know what I find out in a bit.

Unicodão said...

I think I have it working now.

beijokense said...

the problem was only in the names, but it's working fine now. Thanks

Joe Salerno said...

Hi there,

thanks for the great recent comments section. Mine was working great for awhile at Knowability, but today the recent comments have stopped updating. they are not updating on the storago website either. However, I still receive them by email from Storago. Any clues?


Jeff Day said...


Sorry - I have been updating the date processing codes the past few days to have better support for international date formats, and in the process I had a problem with the how it handles the first day of the month -- it was filing all your comments under January 12 (1/12) instead of December 1 (12/1). They've been moved over, and I'll try to permanently fix the code on Monday.

Joe Salerno said...

No Problem. Thanks for letting me know Jeff. There seems to be one recent comment missing from the updated list. It was posted on dec.1 at 22:43 (CST). It was posted by Trent and begins,

'Bryan, you say that in the set up "one encounters the alternative explanations and can do nothing to suggest that they’re wrong."...'

Any chance of recovering that one?

Anonymous said...



Lynn Sorel said...

I have no intentions are going to Beta , So please design it well.

Lynn Sorel

beijokense said...

Hi Jeff,
a problem with international date formats occurred in my blog; the comments posted on Jan 02 were dated Feb 01 and the true recent comments (Jan 03) only appear at the bottom of the list...
Would you fix it? Thanks and have a happy 2007!

beijokense said...

Dear Jeff,
after switching to the new blogger, the 'old' problem with non-standard characters in the poster's names came back...
Thanks for your attention

Jeff Day said...


Did this problem arise for all comments, (and does it continue?) or only for a particular comment?

I will see if I can solve this for you, but it might take me a couple more days because I'm on another project for work right now. Thanks for keeping me informed.

beijokense said...

Thanks, Jeff.
Yeah, it happens all the time as long as the poster's nick has a non-standard character.
No prob with the comment enciding, only with the poster's name.

And the time is displayed in PST, i.e. UTC-8, instead of local time, i.e. UTC.

Both issues arose after switching to the new blogger.

Ricardo Santos said...

Hi everyone!

Since the new blogger supports the new much easier json feed format, what advantages does the storago recent comments service have? Blogger already has comment feeds both globally and on a "per post" basis that can be used in the feed widget.

Ps: My Blogger nick doesnt appear on blogs that use your "recent comments service", it shows up but dissappears after a couple of hours


Jeff Day said...

I just fixed some remaining unicode issues in the sender name field. The entire recent comments system should fully support unicode now, I believe.

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