Sunday, December 17, 2006

Upgraded to Blogger Beta

Hey, we've upgraded to the new Blogger Beta. Just testing.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Singpolyma - Technical Blog: Blogger Comment Syndication Service

Singpolyma - Technical Blog: Blogger Comment Syndication Service

Stephen Weber has created a Blogger Comment Syndication service similar to my Blogger Recent Comments add-on.

I think Stephen's solution is pretty good because, like my own, it also includes new comments to older posts, where many of the other popular solutions like the Farrago Recent Comments Hack do not handle the older posts.

Beta Comment Notifications - Freshblog

Beta Comment Notifications - Freshblog

In attempting to weigh all the Pros and Cons of different "Recent Comments" methods, I ended up making my own. This article at Freshblog is important for anyone considering doing this type of code, because it points out the changes taking place in Blogger's new Beta. I'm already beginning to incorporate these changes into the Blogger Recent Comments tool I made, so that it will work even better on the new Beta.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Free BlogRolling / Link Lists

We now offer a free Link List feature on for anyone to use. These lists are easy to maintain, very flexible in their output, and can be used with a tiny bit of JavaScript code or with a server side include (in PHP for example). This product is an excellent solution for bloggers who are unsatisfied with the quality of other similar services.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Book and CD Services

We've decided to start offering book and CD preparation and publication assistance as one of our regular services. If you have a book to publish, we can help you to make it happen. With nothing but a word processor manuscript we can get a finished product in your hands in a matter two or three weeks. We will try to accomodate any type of book, data, or audio CD project. The final product will be available with no minimum quantity and at a reasonable price. This should be an excellent opportunity for local or niche authors.

We can also do just part of the process for you, for example if all you need is a cover graphic, or if you just need a book typeset but have your own printer lined up, we can take care of your specific need.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Book of Fairy Tales

Our current 'Big Project' is typesetting (in OpenOffice's Writer) William Walther's book of Fairy Tales. At this point, we've already typed the rough drafts into the computer and edited them. Now Jeff is massaging them onto pages while I'm converting the illustrations to a digital format and coloring them.

We've added PayPal Support

We've just recently added integrated PayPal support to our shopping cart system, and it will soon be operating on Norton Brothers Book and There are two exciting things about PayPal as a payment option: First, it makes customers more confident in making their purchase, since they do not have to share their credit card information with a vendor. Second, it allows us to pick up new vendors who do not have their own merchant account and get them started on the web quickly and easily.

Welcome to the Storago Blog

Welcome to the Storago Blog. is the management site and design portfolio for the Web Design and Hosting services offered by Computer Consulting by Jeff Day.

This blog will be used to share some of our progress with you, and give you an inside scoop on what is happening with